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  • Molly Scarborough

b-side's 'Into Dust' music video is now live!

Over the past year (through my role at b-side) I have been the project manager and producer for an LGBT project with the local community of Weymouth & Portland.

After a lot of development, discussions and workshops, the project has now come to it's final stages and is ready to be shared with the world! I am very happy (and proud) to share with you Dorset's very own LGBT music video 'Into Dust'.

This project began in September 2016 after b-side hosted Shame Chorus on the Isle of Portland. Shame Chorus is an uplifting music project about shame and sexuality. The Chorus itself is made up of around 15 members of the London Gay Men's Chorus and they all sing together about their own feelings of shame whilst growing up gay. Shame Chorus highlights a range of issues & difficulties they had undergone whilst growing up from non-acceptance to mental health issues.

After talking with the local LGBT community I realised a lot of the problems and issues the middle aged men in the London Gay Men's Chorus had faced when they were young were still very prominent today with our local young community.

This very much motivated me and the b-side team to create our own project that tackled and discussed current LGBT issues for our local young community.

To find out more about the project and what's next please click here. To get in touch about the project please email:

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