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Callout: Illustrate the Dorset Artists' Emergency Fund Crowdfunder

Updated: May 15, 2020

I'm helping launch the Dorset Artists' Emergency Fund and I'd like to pay 3 artists to provide an illustration for the campaign.

How to apply:

  • Let me know that you live or work in Dorset.

  • And tell me what image you're interested in illustrating. (If I get too many people only selecting one of the images, I may get back to you and ask that you illustrate one of the other images)

Deadline: Submit your interest by Friday 1pm(ish).

Payment: £50 per image

I realise this isn't a lot of money. I am asking artists to do what they can with £50 and the time that they have. I am hoping to launch the Crowdfunding campaign on Monday 18th May at 12pm. Images can arrive a little bit later than this (but hopefully before Wednesday 20th if possible).


  • Illustrate to one of the below briefs.

  • The illustration should either include the below colours or be able to have one of the below colours as the background.

  • Please send final image in clear png format (with no background) and send in original format too if you can.

  • Image to be 300dpi and 2160 x 1080px (I will need to resize to fit different sites)

  • You will own the image, you will be credited, you could use it however you like afterwards. If you want to mention it was initially commissioned by Molly Scarborough for the Dorset Artists' Emergency Fund, that's lovely but not compulsory.

  • We will use the image only throughout the Crowdfunder campaign on social media and other online platforms. We will ask for additional permission if we'd like to use it afterwards.

  • Any person who uses your image during this 6 week campaign will be advised to credit you. I will try to ensure you're credited where I can.


Illustrate the title 'Dorset Artists' Emergency Fund' so that we can use it as the header of our campaign.

We are encouraging the general public to donate to the Crowdfunder to support local artists and the local arts sector.

"Arts and culture touches our daily lives and transforms our shared experiences, aspirations and brings communities together" - Sarah James, The Arts Development Company


Illustrate this part of the Crowdfunder campaign:

What’s the problem?  Were you looking forward to seeing that new play, having fun at a festival, belly-laughing at a comedy night, attending an art exhibition or jumping around at a gig this summer? With events cancelled, venues closed and public gatherings restricted it’s not only audiences who are missing out.  Many local freelance Artists are unable to work at the moment. A large proportion of these Artists (musicians, comedians, visual artists, directors, actors, writers, film makers etc.) are falling through the gaps when it comes to financial support. Some are unable to pay the bills or put food on the table. b-side and a range of other Dorset-based arts organisations (listed below) are rallying together to support Dorset Artists by launching this Crowdfunder campaign.


Illustrate this part of the Crowdfunder campaign:

What does this fund support? The money collected will help Dorset Artists to meet their most urgent financial needs during the current crisis. This will help individuals pay their bills and ensure the Dorset arts sector stays afloat ready for the future – whatever that may look like. The fund will help ensure a financially stable arts sector in Dorset.
"We realised a lot of individuals weren’t going to be covered by financial packages from the Arts Council or the Government due to not being supported by public funding, being too commercial, not having a premise, or not having enough accounts to back up a claim for Government support. Artists have lost their livelihoods, yet they still have to pay for the essential living costs. This fund is to help balance cash flow when money is tight and tie people over until they can get further support" - Molly Scarborough

More information about the Dorset Artists' Emergency Fund

The Dorset Artists’ Emergency Fund was initiated by b-side after a series of collaborative conversations through the What Next? Dorset Chapter. It was identified through the What Next? meetings that individual creatives have experienced a massive income decrease, some losing all. It became apparent that many individuals are falling through the gaps of ACE and GOV support – so we initiated the Dorset Artists’ Emergency Fund to help pay rent / bills during the current decrease in funds.

We have worked in collaboration with the following organisations to launch this fund and the attached Crowdfunder:


Activate Performing Arts

Arts Development Company Artsreach

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea

Diverse City

Dorset Music Hub

Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts

Opera Circus

Pavilion Dance South West


SoundStorm Wave Arts Education

This is a short‑term emergency fund to enable Dorset artists to survive financially. The fund will assist individuals in meeting their most urgent financial needs during the current time of crisis.

We are not looking for outputs or artwork. This is a hardship fund. There is no expectation of you to make any creative work to receive support through this fund. The only outcome we strive for, is a financially stable arts sector in Dorset.

We want to support artists, their work and the sector in Dorset (and of course the wider cultural sector).

Please submit your interest by 1pm(ish) Friday 15th May.


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