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  • Molly Scarborough

Help WHY? Festival happen!

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

As you may or may not know - I've been working towards hosting a WHY? Festival on the Isle of Portland this September. I'm working with 5 under 25's to put on our very on youth festival about young people's rights and issues.

And now it's time to ask for your help! We're raising £2,000 to help us host some of our activities.

What you're funding

The main aims of our festival are:

  • To inspire young people to engage in discussions around their rights

  • To create a platform for young people to express themselves and their voice

  • To have a positive affect on young people's aspirations for the future

  • To create a stronger community - enabling residents to become active citizens - working together to tackle problems and issues

So far we've raised funds to host discussions, workshops and performances / installations all around the subjects and topics our local youth are interested in engaging with and talking about. We would now like you to help us offer the opportunity for local youth to express their creativity and learn some skills at the festival too!

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