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  • Molly Scarborough

Sarteano: Seeing Thoughts


Today was my first poetry workshop.

There were several of us in the group and together we were working with Luca.

Luca brought us together. He used simple activities to calm us, draw our attention and to get us to work together and off of each others energies.

The gentle music in the background helped us to focus.

And together we wrote a poem.

A line or a segment written privately by a member of the group and then passed on for another member of the group to read.

The poem created itself.

Here is 'Seeing Thoughts':

I see my heart in the eyes of the others.

Beauty is silent,

Beauty is breath,

Beauty is a movement deep inside,

Beauty is a heartbeat.

Sometimes people die inside.

I am here as I know myself: flesh and articulations and the brain resetting every five minutes.

I am wondering now what next for me, for them, for us, for her.

Where will we go?

How will we get there?

When will that be?

Why do we need to?

Quando, come? Dove? Perchè?

Tired feather,

Tired cloud.

One look through my wall breaks you into feeling small existence of the air,

Floating cubes of light,

Shining into feathers,

Shrinking the wings of butterfly,

Bringing the colours in your fingers,

Sparking Powder of sundust.

Seeing thoughts.

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