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  • Molly Scarborough

Drivers for Change (Day 2)

Today we had a coach tour of Liverpool. Today we mapped our communities.

Collaboration was at the core of today’s activities. We visited organisations that have been formed through collaborations. We visited environments, work environments, that allow creatives to co-exist in the same building (like northern lights in the Baltic Triangle and Metal).

We learnt from Mark – the managing director of Baltic Creative that it’s important for businesses to connect with place and to share their ambitions with the community, sector and area.

It’s important to identify what’s valuable to communities and protect it.

“Businesses have a role in society” – Richard Collier-Keywood

Richard talked about how as social entrepreneurs with our individual project ideas we have something of value to add to potential partners brand. When approaching businesses we should approach them as equals. We should be clear about our impact and aware of the value we can bring to the table. Be confident.

In the position we are all in as relatively young people with new ideas we are bound to compare ourselves to others. We are bound to question our credibility. We’re constantly talking about it as a group – trying to recognise when we’re doing it and evaluate why.

Self-awareness and evaluation is key. I’d like to end today’s comments with a quote from Akua:

“Never underestimate your journey”

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