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  • Molly Scarborough

Drivers for Change (Day 1)

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Drivers for Change

An insightful, thought-provoking and moving first day on the Drivers for Change programme.

The day was filled with relaxed conversations, introductions and some inspirational declarations and provocations from Jude Kelly (Trustee and Co-founder of Drivers for Change).

“How do you arrange space? Can everyone see? Can everyone be seen?”

– Jude Kelly

She advised us that everyone in the room should be seen. It’s key for the individuals in the room to see and to be seen – to feel on an equal level as the rest of the room.

She spoke about being human and having courage. Having the courage to be present in a space – allowing others to look at you, to see you and to hear you. Having the courage to be yourself and to present, in turn, allows others to have the courage to be themselves and be present.

Some great tips for facilitation and being a leader.

Throughout the day I noticed a recurring thought/worry/doubt. (And maybe I noticed it because it’s something that’s apparent in my situation and where I’m from?) Quite a lot of people mentioned a worry around having a vision but not being able to achieve it due to not having enough or the ‘right’ people behind it/backing it.

What are the connections and the tools we need to help us achieve our goals and our vision? Perhaps this is something we will leave the Drivers for Change programme knowing.

The Drivers for Change group is made out of social activists from all over the UK, including some international participants too from Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt and Pakistan. Together we posed a whole range of thought-provoking questions and stories. Some stories that will stick with me for a long time. It’s great to be in a group of 81 changemakers who are very open about who they are and their experiences.

Speaking of experience, Jude mentioned (and reassured us all) that each of our experiences are valuable. It’s important to understand each other’s experiences and our differences too. She told us that our experience is our expertise and it’s okay to share it. A lot of the time, as human beings, I believe we’re made to think that our opinions aren’t necessarily valuable or important and it was great for Jude to welcome us like this on our first day.

We wrapped up the day with some conversations around the programme and the purpose behind it. The three threads of our journey were outlined by Richard (Trustee & Co-founder of Drivers for Change):

  1. Personal journey (on what it’s like to be a better leader)

  2. Practical skills (on what it’s like to run a social enterprise)

  3. Inspiration

I’m left full of thoughts, curiosity and wonder and look forward to tomorrow.

“What happens when a place gets a reputation for not being as good as somewhere else? What happens to the people living there?” – Jude Kelly

That’s all for now,


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