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  • Molly Scarborough

Sarteano: Day 2

Each morning we are to wake up and attend breakfast at Auser.

Auser is a building that facilitates the elderly - giving them a place to meet up.

They have kindly let us borrow their building for breakfast.

As our group is 100+ young people we have breakfast in shifts.

My breakfast slot is 8am - 8:30am.

I met with Friends from Serbia - Nina, Anja, Nela, Katarina, Lidija as they had only arrived late last night. I made some more. My first involvement with the project (TCFT) was October 2016 when I visited Serbia, Belgrade, for a residency with Teatar Mimart. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to spend some more time with them.

After breakfast I went for a walk.

I had an hour or so to kill.

In the distance I could see a mountain of tyres.

I had to investigate further.

There was also a Ford sign - but no Ford….

I made my way back to Auser.

And Rachel was just leaving her breakfast slot.

I work with Rachel back in Dorset, UK.

We went to the market. She bought some toilet roll for her apartment.

We were both really intrigued by the rugs for sale.

We were both quite tempted to buy some…

After this we went to a welcome talk at the information point.

We were greeted with such a warm welcome from the Italian TCFT team (as well as all the locals!!) and of course by all of the other participants too.

Nina and I went for a stroll, stumbling across a lovely garden (of which we were not permitted admittance), a hotel with a swimming pool and even stopped to pop into the church of San Lorenzo.

At 11:45am we met in the piazza (square) and walked to the place where we were to have lunch. Again, as our group is so large we are separated into separate groups for our lunch and dinner too. I am in group B. The restaurant in which we have lunch is different to where we have dinner. Barbara says that the lady who previously ran the restaurant (Tripolitania) was amazing! Very talented in the kitchen and a wonderful lady. Sadly, the owner is no longer with us.

The lunch was massive!

After our first course (which we thought was our actual lunch) we had another plate come in! Pasta! Yippee! We all left with very full bellies!

Throughout my stay in Sarteano I have been welcomed into the home of a wonderful couple - Barbara & Patrizio.

When I arrived back to the house after lunch Barbara was in the kitchen crafting some things for Easter. Barbara then showed me how to make spaghetti a la carbonara.

Boiling water, spaghetti, an uovo (egg), grated cheese and a LOT of pepper.

Barbara pointed out it’s like carbon, black pepper, a lot of black pepper CARBONara.

Patrizio came home from work and they ate lunch together.

I’m still unsure as to where / what Patrizio does - I couldn’t quite understand the first time I asked.

Sarteano is a friendly and kind village.

Filled with a lot of people with open arms.

We were all invited to the Theatre to watch an Italian performance in the evening.

The performance was directed by a member of the TCFT Italian team - Laura.

Francessco - the youth leader in the TCFT Italian team was performing in the show.

The performance was kind of like the story of beauty and the beast. Even though the man in the story was angry & mean he could still find love - and when he found love - it made him whole again.

Although we couldn’t understand the words there was some great imagery provided.

Grazie Sarteano - buenonotte.

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