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  • Molly Scarborough

Belgrade: Day 4

Today was a day of rest. It is Sunday.

We started the day off at Magacin to rehearse / think of and develop our ideas for SPOT festival.

We then went for a stroll along the river.

After this we went for lunch and returned to the apartment.



At 6:30pm we made our way to the Magacin again to watch the two performances that evening.

In between the two shows I went for a little stroll.

I'm not sure whether I witnessed a fight or a a strange drug deal.

Something wasn't right. It was kind of like a negative hugging session.

They knew each other but they were having a strange exchange - an uncomfortable exchange and I'm not sure whether it was uncomfortable because they were actually fighting or because they were having a shifty drug deal. I tried not to look at them too much. They were stood in the shadows so I couldn't really make much out without staring.

I was walking along a road adjacent to the river. And between where I was walking and the river there were a lot of works going on. So everything was fenced off and I couldn't see the river itself. Every now and then you can hear a huge rumble from the trams passing on the bridge. I passed a fenced off make shift dump site. And witnessed a man trying insistently to reach through and break some wood free. He could simply lift the fence from its post as its not fastened but he kept trying that way none the less.

When I reached the coach station I decided to sit on a bench opposite. I didn't want to walk too far away as I didn't want to miss the next show. Two dogs across the road began to play fight. Another dog passed behind me and the pair across the road stopped their fight and began to talk to the other dog behind me. The dog near me sniffed a bush and continued to walk on. One of the dogs from across the road then followed suit. He crossed the road and then sniffed the bush. Another rumble. It's almost like the sound of distant thunder. I then decided it was time to head back. I noticed a crisps wrapper on the street. Then ahead of me a man dressed in grey and green appeared sweeping the streets.

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