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  • Molly Scarborough

Belgrade: Day 3

Today was a day of relaxation.

We started to think about our ideas to present at the SPOT festival on the 27th.

We walked to two different art galleries (Remont & Salon).

We went to a café.

We went into the National Theatre.

We snuck in behind the scenes.

We watched a rehearsal of a contemporary ballet performance.

For about half an hour.

We left.

We went for lunch.

We walked back to the apartment.

We rested. We talked.

We chilled out.

We got ready.

We went back to the Magacin.

We watched 3 performances.

2 from international performers (from New York).

And 1 by a group of local Serbian dancers.

After that we walked home. & here we are.

Sammy has a FitBit - and today I discovered that yesterday we walked 27,576 steps.

Apparently 27,576 steps = 21 km = 13 miles.

Today we only walked 13,712 steps = 10.4 km = 6.4 miles.


Pictures from today:


As we spent quite a bit of time at the apartment today, I thought it'd be a good time to share with you some pictures I have taken.

Here they are:


All for now,

Thanks for reading. The Mollinator x

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