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  • Molly Scarborough

Belgrade: Day 1

Today was a day of travel. I started from the humble beginnings of Portland (that's the Isle of Portland - near Weymouth).

I walked to the bus stop & caught the bus into Weymouth where Cody & his father soon picked me up (Thank you Dave!). We then drove to Bournemouth Coach Station where we met with Sammy & Katie.

We waited. Our coach arrived and we shuffled ourselves on to the National Express coach to London Heathrow. Of course, once we reach Heathrow, we played the waiting game once again and then boarded our flight...where we waited some more. We arrived and we were greeted by the lovely Nela & Lidija. We had a quick pit stop to the loo and we jumped on a bus. Soon afterwards we arrived to our final destination - the apartment where we will be staying for the next 9 nights.

I tried taking pictures of myself on each mode of transport today. But I forgot to take one on the coach... my bad.

Here they are:

If you haven't guessed I'm on a trip to Belgrade. I am here as part of The Complete Freedom of Truth project. Look it up.

We are here for the Kondenz festival where we will take part in workshops as well as make some work ourselves.

We had a walk around the town and even went to an outdoor concert.

Here are a couple of pics I took on my phone:

All for now. Speak again tomorrow!

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