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Stroll on the Island #1

So today has been an eventful one.

So there will be 2 blog posts 'Jordans Mine' & 'Stroll on the Island #1',

For those of you who would like to see the findings from my M walk will have to wait until the end of the week. When all 5 of my walks have been enacted.

The Prelude to the 22nd March 2016

I have been to the Jordans Mine.

I have enacted my M walk on the Isle of Portland.

And I have strolled through the landscape back up to where my day began.

(For those of you who do not know what I mean by ‘my M walk’ please click here)

My ankles are currently throbbing and of course I have a blister to prove the walk I endured today. I feel refreshed even though tomorrow I know that I won’t be able to walk down the stairs properly from the hill climb I did today. But tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow is when I will be enacting my O.

All in all, I would say I’ve had a thrilling day.

I’ve clambered through a hilly terrain, following strands of footpaths, some of which were no help as they were blocked by bramble and overgrown bush, or were perhaps filled with rock, and some of which were great as they led me the right way.

I’ve over looked a sea of white stone and have been inside the stones domain. I have seen abandoned boats, industrial remainders and walked up the path of where the rail tracks once stood. Rail tracks that used to carry the Portland stone. I have huffed, puffed and gasped as my legs strained to pull me up that hill. I have witnessed oh so much litter and have seen it happen before me.

I have looked upon a crow eating.

I have followed my curiosity and been left even more curious.

I have seen doorways.

I have seen arches.

And I have overlooked Portland and beheld, at least, half of its glory.

Stroll on the Island #1

I feel as though there may be more of these.

I looked back at the last stroke of my M walk.

And I took a breath.

I sat down.

I rested.

I was visited by two crows.

Perhaps it was the same two that had appeared whilst I was walking the last stroke of my M walk. Perhaps not.

I strolled.

I did have an ending in mind.


And I made sure I didn’t side track too much.

I didn’t want to be caught in the dark.

And I thought that I would save the east cliffs for another time.

I strolled and followed my feet.

I followed my curiosity.

I found strange things.

Things I didn’t understand.

But I also found history.

I looked at it and I instantly said “Well this is freaky”.

It was this.

Now what on earth is this.

And no that’s not a creepy figure or a ghost.

It’s just paint.

Believe me, I was kind of startled when I looked back at the photos.

Then I realised.

Just paint.

What is this?

Why is it here?

What is its purpose?

This is something that I didn’t understand.

I saw the bus that I would’ve caught if I wasn’t up here…

Because oh my toe was hurting, due to a blister!

You see I had my big toe wrapped up in a plaster.

And the second toe paid the price.

And I found history.

I looked on to where I planned to be and saw 4 bridges.

Bridges that were built in the 1880s that helped transport the stone.

I worked my way round and stumbled across something else I didn’t quite understand.

However, I believe now, it was The High Angle Battery.

I was greeted by two hills.

And fencing.

Well perhaps I couldn’t walk around this way?

However, wedged in between these two hills was a pathway.

A pathway that led me to marvel upon the bridges again.

This time from the opposite direction.

To follow are the images I captured along my way:

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