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Youth Programme Coordinator

April 2016 - Present

Film making workshop with James
Young Producer Group 2016.JPG
[intransit] Producers after day 1 of fes

Through my role at b-side, I work with local young people to create projects and artwork that matters to them - whether that’s a young producer training programme or mentoring young bursary artists creating their own site-specific artworks.


I create tailor-made programmes and experiences that support emerging talent and help develop skills. I am currently leading on a Young Curators programme and a year-long New Artist Mentoring Scheme.

In 2018 ​I designed a training programme, called the [intransit] Producers, for young producers (18 – 25 years old) to train in production, consultation, marketing, fundraising and social action. The group consulted with over 100 local young people around the UNCRC are their interests and then went on to produce their very own WHY? Festival.

In 2017 I created an intergenerational short programme for Emerging Photographers - this has now developed into the collective Tenshots.

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