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The Walk before The Walk


I approach the bottom of College Lane at 15:39.
I move out the way of a teenage boy shuffling his feet in the crisp dried leaves.

Woolly hats, gloves and scarves.The buzz of the busy road.
The shuffling of leaves.

The call of a closing down sale.
Hands held. A cluster of uniforms in coats.
A rustling plastic bag floating in the wind.
A wreath of holly to my left welcomes me to the festive season.
A circular window. Distant clanking.
Save our NHS.
20 is plenty where people live.
A truck driver just beeped and waved at me.
What appears to be a window cleaner is cleaning a door.
Further down the street a van has on it’s dashboard.
“Window cleaner working”
Grand houses surround me. I like these houses along Westgate.

Traffic begins to build. 


The Name Walk. M. 


Everything is a little bleak.
There is a grass patch with an arching pavement. Why? 


Distance: 2.063 M / 3.32 Km.

Duration: 1:00:23.

Start time: 14:50.

End time: 15:51.

Pace: 18:10 min per Km.

Calories: 604.

Speed: 2.1 mph / 3.3 kph.

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