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The Walk before The Walk


14:43 leaving university.
I pass the it wasn’t me tree.
I can hear the birds tweeting.
I haven’t noticed that in a while.
It has begun to rain.
A couple pass giggling and holding hands.
Both with a holdall bag slung on their right shoulder.
A black umbrella appears.
The rain fades back into specs.
And then harder as a family plays tennis in the blow up dome. 




The Name Walk. O. 


My circle begins as I look upon another.
A roundabout.A roundabout that I used to pass nearly everyday last year. 


Distance: 0.5 M/ 0.79 Km.

Duration: 00:14:30.

Start time: 15:44.

End time: 15:59.

Pace: 18:16 min per Km.

Calories: 144.

Speed: 2.1 mph / 3.3 kph..

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