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The Walk before The Walk


I pass the it wasn’t me tree Different school colours cross and fade through the Chichester high street.The smell of fire. Sausages. 




The Name Walk. L1. 


I begin my first L. Cars build up to my left.
2 buses sit side by side. I take this as a moment to cross the road.
The train passes from left to right.That train is the train to Southampton. That train is the train home. Just a week to go until I get back there.
Pedestrians are huddled together awaiting the gates to go up.
People in cars are beeping their horns behind me.
A bus reverses. It beeps. The second train passes by and the gates rise. The two cyclists with mud up their back push off.
And the engines all start up together.
The momentarily still city, is then, pushed back into action. 


Distance: 0.3 M / 0.50 Km

Duration: 00:09:02

Start time: 16:35.

End time: 15:44.

Pace: 18:04 min per Km

Calories: 90.

Speed: 2.1 mph / 3.3kph

The Walk in between The Walks


I look to my left and a woman in an orange coat is cleaning the windows of a house.

Now to get to L2. I’ve decided I don’t want to walk back on myself and go the way I know to Whyke lane. So I’ve taken a leap of faith to guess my way there from here. I’ve turned into grove road. 51 is having some construction done to it. The lady in the orange coat that I saw scrubbing a window with a cloth is carrying the cloth along with her along with her dog. She has run up the road and stopped outside 35.A van has just stopped outside there too.A man gets out and retrieves the ladder from his van. I have come to a kind of cross roads 3 are roads. One is more like a footpath that doesn’t look like a foot- path. It looks like it doesn’t lead anywhere. I stand on this corner whilst typing these words. Number 20 - a lady opens the door as another one approaches the door “Hello Rose” she projects across the road. Almost a cockney accent. Construction is happening on her next door neighbours house. A train passes by - I can see it through the gap - It’s where that non footpath footpath is. Okay then. I walk down there and am greeted by a train bridge.







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