The Walk before The Walk


I open my milkshake and drink half.

I guess as to which way to walk and pass Cambrai avenue.

I know I’m going the right way.

Two schools girls are gossiping down the road as I take the last swig of my milkshake.

Perhaps this wasn’t the best way to walk seeing as though I now have to double down.

“Please mummy”

“It won’t fit”

“Please mummy can you just try it”

“I know for a fact that it won’t fit”

“Please mummy”

“The stick is too big for the hole”

A child and mother have stopped before me The child was riding a scooter.

I put my milkshake bottle in the bin that stands next to the notice board I have been staring at.

Had they just left the Christian science society?





The Name Walk. L2. 


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I begin to walk back down Whyke Lane after having stood at the top of it for around 5 minutes.

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I think it’s okay to walk back down it now.

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“Cyclists please dismount” A cyclist zooms past on his BMX. Barely even slowed, let alone dismounted.

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I notice Lal’s barber shop. A small building. Quite nice. I know someone who lives around this area. I wonder if he gets his hair cut there. Lal's. There's two L's in Lal. This is the second L of my Name Walk...

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Distance: 1.14 M / 2.90 Km 

Duration: 1:03:40

Start time: 14:04.

End time: 15:08.

Pace:  21:58 min per Km.

Calories: 586.

Speed: 1.7 mph / 2.7 kph