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Your Walk; Your City

Map your city through the art of walking.
Explore your city through the art of walking.

map of chichester
map of chichester
Molly's map of chichester

Your Walk: Your City is an interactive project which is produced in the form of a booklet that performs as part record of walking practice and part guidebook for other walkers, reflecting backwards on tasks and projecting forwards with the offer for the audience to have a go.


This project explores the idea of the collaboration between body, landscape and satellite in a giant writing task that playfully explores the ideas of scale and perspective. 


There are many new things you can find out about your area just by walking down a road you haven’t before. Through curating and performing your own Name Walks you can map your own version of your city, you can do this by engraving your name into your city. 

This booklet is here for you to start your own walking project.


Within this booklet I also include several variations of the Name Walk. 



Distance: 2.647 M / 4.26 Km.

Duration: 1:13:38 .

Start time: 16:04.

End time: 17:18.

Pace: 17:15 min per Km.

Calories: 768.

Speed: 2.2 mph / 3.5 kph.


Distance: 2.063 M / 3.32 Km.

Duration: 1:00:23.

Start time: 14:50.

End time: 15:51.

Pace: 18:10 min per Km.

Calories: 604.

Speed: 2.1 mph / 3.3 kph.


Distance: 0.5 M/ 0.79 Km.

Duration: 00:14:30.

Start time: 15:44.

End time: 15:59.

Pace: 18:16 min per Km.

Calories: 144.

Speed: 2.1 mph / 3.3 kph.


Distance: 0.3 M / 0.50 Km

Duration: 00:09:02

Start time: 16:35.

End time: 15:44.

Pace: 18:04 min per Km

Calories: 90.

Speed: 2.1 mph / 3.3kph


Distance: 1.14 M / 2.90 Km 

Duration: 1:03:40

Start time: 14:04.

End time: 15:08.

Pace:  21:58 min per Km.

Calories: 586.

Speed: 1.7 mph / 2.7 kph 

Click one of the letters above to view the individual letter archives of my personal walk of Chichester.

Using a GPS tracker on my phone I traced my steps around the city of Chichester.
I engraved my name into the streets of Chichester leaving a GPS trail that painted my name into the streets.

M O L L Y.
5 letters, 5 walks.

I used this task to explore Chichester.
I used this task to let my mind flow free.
I used this task to comment upon the things I noticed.
I used this task to create MOLLY’s version of Chichester. 

Get involved

If you would like to get involved please email me for details. 

Upon request a document including instructions will be sent to you. 


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