Viv Gordon Company

December 2019 - Present

Viv Gordon is a theatre maker, arts and mental health campaigner and survivor activist. Using auto-ethnography to tell mental health/abuse narratives from lived experience, Viv’s work is a campaign to forge survivor voice, visibility and community and to agitate for change.

Viv Gordon champions access and inclusion for artists and audiences with mental health conditions, to make, share and work safely. Viv authored guidelines for venues on this subject in 2018, which were shared nationally in The Stage.


I'm currently working with Viv as Producer on her new show 'Cutting Out'.

'Cutting Out' is part performance, part installation, part collective act of resistance. 

Throughout the project (through performances, workshops and online engagement) Viv aims to cut out 11 million paper dolls - paper dolls that represent the amount of adult Childhood Sexual Abuse survivors currently living in the UK.

We are currently making 'Cutting Out' and it will be previewed at

Strode Theatre and Prema in April 2020.

I am also working with Viv to take her show 'ORAL' back on tour for Spring 2021.

More about Viv here.

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