Viv Gordon Company
December 2019 - August 2021

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I am one third of the newly formed Viv Gordon Company CIC.

Our work is a campaign to increase visibility, voice and community with adult

survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). CSA remains a taboo subject and is rarely talked about outside therapeutic support settings and, because of this, survivors lack cultural and political representation resulting in CSA survivors being the largest marginalised group most people have never heard of.
There’s an estimated 11 million Survivors of CSA in the UK. 
Our work seeks to remove barriers to participation for survivors and drive narrative change - moving away from ideas of victimhood, guilt, shame, isolation and cultural silencing - towards celebrating survival, joining together and laying claim to cultural space to make noise about survivor experiences, rights and concerns.

We do this through creative activities:  performances, installations, poetry,

writing, workshops, campaigns, consultancy and more.


I'm currently working on producing our new show 'Cutting Out'.

'Cutting Out' is part performance, part installation, part collective act of resistance.

As part of this project we aim to cut out 11 million paper dolls. To bear witness to the staggering amount of survivors there are in the UK, to mourn the childhoods lost but to also represent each and every heroic story of survival. 

More about Viv Gordon Company here.