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The Sweet Exchange


This project is about conducting a fair exchange.


The Sweet Exchange is a one to one personal exchange which intends to explore use-value, exchange value and personal & sentimental value all through the mode of exchange.

The Sweet Exchange asks its participants to gather objects they no longer need or use thinking mostly of its use-value rather than it’s economic value or price.


Both participants, Molly (the leading participant) and the secondary participant (you), find 5+ objects that they no longer need or use.

These 5+ objects will then be up for exchange. The objective is to conduct a fair exchange and to come out of the exchange with an object or objects that the participant will now use.


My personal task was to find a means of binding people through a fair exchange where there are no obligations and no interest rates, an exchange that is not measured by money or by human labour.

The Sweet Exchange wants objects that have already served their owner, objects that have already been used, objects that can be reused. 


Sweet Exchange Poster
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