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  • Molly Scarborough.


Thank you for your interest.


Yours Sincerely.

Thank you.

On this occassion.

On every occassion.

Thank you for your email.

Aw bless you.

The job isn't suitable for you.

You don't live in London.

Best of luck.

Thank you.

But on this occassion you have been unsuccessful.

We regret to inform you.

We're sorry.

Sorry but on this occassion...

I am sorry for the disappointing news.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your time, but here's an automated email that every employer sends...

Thank you for your time, but here's an email titled to your middle name instead of your first name.

Thank you for your time, but, oh look, here's the same email again.

Thank you for your time, but oh look, we didn't even bother to respond to you. Sorry about that.

Your application will not be taken any further

We can't take you on at this point

Thank you for your recent application

We do not currently offer this

all our staff live in London

I like your CV but unfortunately

Thank you for applying

we are unable to take you through the interview stage

I regret to inform you

we received an overwhelming amount of applications

I'm afraid you weren't shortlisted

we have decided not to invite you to interview

thank you for your interest

Unfortunately, on this occasion, you have not been selected

we are unable to offer you the position

thank you for taking the time to apply for the post

dear (wrong name) I am really sorry

I wish you all the best for the future

having carefully reviewed your details, we will not be taking your application further
you were not successful

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