This project is about the community in Priory Park.


As a collective our aim was to feed the 'Priory Park' community's needs and wants. We created an event-like installation that created entertainment and gave the rest of the park users something else to observe. We created a mural on the mound, an image of the mound, on the mound.

Throughout this project The Hidden Traces, together, aimed to give the public ownership of the art, of their own park. 'ParkArt' (our interactive art installation) allowed the users of the park to express themselves through creating a mural out of objects that were also representative of what they wanted.

Wooden Cutlery to represent the Cafe, CD's to represent music,

Flowers to make the park less 'dreary looking', Lollipop Sticks for an ice-cream stand and the act itself, the creating of the mural, was an event in itself, giving the users of Priory Park some entertainment and something else to do.


Within this project we asked the community a few question about the park:

Have you got any special memories of this place?

How often do you come to Priory Park? 

What do you use the park for?

What do you think the park needs?


The following SoundCloud track includes their answers. 

It was important to let the local community know.

So I created a notice and set about to deliver them to local pubs, cafés and shops. 


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