My Neighbourhood Walk

This project is about my neighbourhood.

This project is about people, place and time. 


Each day for a week I visited the same spot 12 times a day.


I attempted to visit the same spot 12 times a day.

I may have slipped up 1 or 2 times on the last couple of days...


I left my house at 5 to the hour, for 12 consecutive hours in a day, and then stood in my designated spot for 10 minutes and then at 10 past the hour I took a photograph of the space (Litten Gardens) and then took a slow walk back home.


20 minutes x 12 hours = 240 minutes a day.

240 minutes x 7 days = 1,680 minutes a week.

So that's roughly around 1,680 minutes spent on this task. 

2009 vs 2014

Before and After.

To the right there is a slideshow. 

 The images on top are from Google Maps and were taken in June 2009.

My images are on the bottom and were taken in February 2014.

The following pictures map out the walk I performed day-to-day, hour-by-hour for mostly 12 hours a day, for 7 days.

Everything in the second picture looks a lot duller.

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Day 1. Photo 1.

A sudden stream of cars, what an odd time. Does this time still count as rush hour? I thought rush hour lasted between 4-6. That’s not an hour I know – but I didn’t coin the phrase. A jogger passes me and jumps as I'm hidden in the shadows. This makes me laugh. I am stood in front of someone’s garage; I am raised as I am stood on the ramp that leads to the garage. I am stood to the right of all the houses on Litten Terrace. In front of me is a red car. A Nissan.