Kindred by Anna Carr
February 2020 - April 2021

Kindred promo shot.jpg
Kindred R&D.jpg

Anna Carr is a socially engaged multi-arts Theatre Maker and is making her first autobiographical solo theatre show 'Kindred'. Using the lens of her grandparents love story & legacy, Anna is exploring the impact of uncovering family secrets on perceived identity. 


I'm currently working with Anna as Producer on the creation of 'Kindred'.

We've shown a work-in-progress performance of 'Kindred' at NST's

'Make It SO' festival in Southampton (Feb 2020). Hosted conversations about family histories, relationships and identity with Primary school students and care home residents. And then covid hit.

We've continued to develop the work, with many twists and turns and are now currently constructing a work-in-progress / audio trailer for the piece. 

Before lockdown, the piece had a strong audio influence anyway. There was looping, playing with archival materials, and audio recordings within the piece already. It makes for a fascinating audio piece and I really look forward to seeing how it develops further. 

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