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Keep Going Molly

molly on podium
silhouette of molly and emily
reach for the sky molly

This project is about heroism.


Keep Going Molly is a work in progress event by M&E which challenges notions of heroism and the impossibility of altruism. In a desperate attempt to save the world, Molly and Emily relentlessly hurl themselves around the stage, despite the looming presence of their inevitable failure. Sitting on the edge of collapsing and being out of control,

Keep Going Molly plays with fragility and disappointment,

commenting on a world that in its endeavour to define a hero,

are left incomplete, failing, and broken.

Heroes in Training

We asked the Chichester's citizens at the beginning of 2015 

how we could be their heroes. 


We also hosted interviews at our University questioning what heroism is and means and what it takes to be a hero.


These videos act as part of our research for our work in progress performance event 'Keep Going Molly'.


"You don't look like you could save me".
"I don't think you'll do it"

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