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Drivers for Change

DfC with Michael Sheen.jpeg
DfC in Sunderland.jpg

In 2018 I took part in the Drivers for Change residency. Drivers for Change is a 2-week training opportunity for creative and entrepreneurial young people from various and diverse backgrounds.  

Over the course of the programme we visited 8 different locations in the UK: Liverpool, Bradford, Edinburgh, Sunderland, Birmingham, Port Talbot, Bristol and London. We developed our practical skills and received training in setting up our own social enterprises and community focussed projects from local leaders, council members, well known companies like PwC and Redbull and some famous leaders too (like Gordon Brown and Michael Sheen). We ended the programme by presenting ideas in Parliament. 

We were exposed to lots of different social enterprises and many models of how to respond to and support local communities. Structures and models I will continue to apply to my work. 

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