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Clowning with Molly and Eilís. 

In April 2019 we went on a 2 week residency in Montelaterone, Italy with Teatro Schabernack. At the end of the residency we performed to 40 local residents. Since we've returned, we have performed at The Lyric Theatre in Bridport, 2 birthday parties & have led workshops for beginner clowns.

Clowning allows us to connect to the world around us and invites our audience/participants to do so too. We've found only when there are interruptions to the normality of everyday life do people allow themselves to explore it, interact with it, play and connect with it.


Clowning has the ability to cause these interruptions and disruptions.

It allows us to play and to be filled with wonder. 

You should give it a go. We're available for booking.

""Molly's eyes are full of life and joy when she is a clown. Her entire body tells the story she is telling without words, and this is for me one of the most important things if you are a clown. Speaking without words, only with eyes and body. And joy, of course" 

Laura Fatini, Playwright, Theatrical Teacher, Director

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